Choosing between buying an apartment or land in Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Buying an apartment or land is a big investment, especially for any first-time buyer. Investors must be careful in investing their hard-earned money in the hope of a positive future. We say it depends on individual factors such as a personal source of income,

  • His surroundings
  • Individual preference
  • Optional relativity

Buying a plot or flat in Rajshahi, both are profitable if you consider a few things carefully before buying. Below are the important aspects of flats and plots. Based on this, it is easier for a person to decide which apartment or land to buy.

Although the apartment culture has overtaken the residential market in Rajshahi and other major cities in Bangladesh, consumers are still confused about the investment differences between land and apartments.

What to consider before investing in real estate

Legal Concerns:

One of the most striking features of entanglements is that they can be placed unintentionally. To be safe, get a unit in the neighborhood where the builder will take care of everything.


Land and apartments have separate taxation. Monthly loan payments allow you to save on taxes when you take out a home loan to buy an apartment or building floor.

In the case of land, interest can only be deducted from the time of construction completion.


When you buy a plot of land, you need to plan the building according to a predetermined structure and hire an architect or contractor to complete it. In addition to managing construction, coordinating financing and dealing with local authorities and contractors, this involves a lot of work on the finer details.

However, when you buy a flat, the developer is in charge and hands over the ownership to you after the flat is completed. Only the equipment needs to be considered, not the physical building.

Situation management:

The condo also includes basic services such as power backup, water, maintenance and security, as well as other amenities such as a clubhouse and swimming pool.

If you decide to buy land and build a house on it, you will almost certainly have to make arrangements. Buying an apartment is therefore a reasonable choice.

Obtaining a loan:

Obtaining financial assistance for the purchase of land is more difficult than for the purchase of an apartment because financial institutions avoid lending for the purchase of land.


While it can take months or years to get ownership of a condo, the lots are usually ready to go. If you choose a plot of land in the municipality, you will most likely get possession of the land before the apartment.


If you want to have a constant profit from the rental, you should buy a built-up apartment. An apartment can be rented out to generate cash whenever you choose, which is not possible with the land. Plots don’t pay off until you start building on them.


Buying land allows you to carve, shape and build a structure according to your preferences and requirements. An apartment, on the other hand, is a pre-built structure tailored to a specific set of requirements. Customization for each buyer is limited.

The value recognizes:

In the long run, the plot is more important than the flats. Given the dwindling supply of space in cities these days, the land is expected to appreciate significantly compared to an apartment.

Improve living standards:

Having a piece of land is a sign of wealth. The land has no spatial limits, therefore any structure built on it can accommodate a huge number of people depending on the size and needs of the family. As a result, one can have housing for an increase in the standard of living.
Deciding to buy a flat is a better option in Rajshahi City
As has been said, both apartments and land have their pluses and minuses. To measure the purchase difference between a plot and an apartment, it all depends on personal preference. With the plot, you will have to be careful in some decisions. Finally, you would have to maintain the building standard.
Apartments, on the other hand, are convenient because everything is available and you can start earning immediately.
Living in an apartment can bring benefits such as better accessibility, less maintenance, lots of amenities, extra security and more flexibility so you can afford to live in the location you prefer. Assure offers a wide range of variations to make it the perfect choice for your dream home.

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