Identifying home design color trends: then and now

Color trends are constantly changing, especially recently, and people are more interested in a variety of options to better represent their interior with beautiful colors in Bangladesh.

Home Sweet Home. The interior color was the outer layer of your long-loved sweetness. Since the beginning of the concept of interior design in Bangladesh, preferably after 1971, people consciously or unconsciously used different colors to decorate their houses.

It could be traced back to earlier times. The concept of color was probably one of the oldest design concepts. A lot has changed in that time. Everything from our test to our living standard is upgraded. Let’s take a look and identify color trends in home design: before and now.

Color trends then

If we put it on the comparison table, you can notice that there is a big change in the color and design test. As Bangladesh slowly moved up the development ladder, people opted for better living conditions and better house designs. The choice of interior color was no different.

There are significant differences between today’s design and color and the ’70-’90s design and color selection. Back then, the dominant color was mostly white and yellow. People at that time continued to adopt slight variations of almost the same color pattern.

Then in the 1990s era, more economic growth and better money circulation began to occur. We started to be more influenced by different cultures. Back then people, especially in Dhaka, chose exotic or unique designs of their time.

Black, white, yellow, and blue left a major imprint on home color trends at the time. There has also been a significant shift in the concept of the interior and design of the house. A shift away from traditional design concepts was seen here. Thanks to this, the journey of trying out new designs was smoother for future generations as well.

There have been huge changes in the last few years of a small time frame. Dhaka the capital and other divisions have adopted the changes to a large extent.

In addition, small towns and urban areas began a shift towards buildings with solid basements and interesting interior concepts. At this time, a traditional, classic, and transitional interior concept was introduced.

In terms of color trends, a big change was seen in this time frame. People were trying to get out of the existing color pattern. Blue, green, and apple white, and colors of various spectrums were introduced. Light and deep shades were also strongly adopted at this time.

Matte, glossy, and various finishing styles also became popular during the same time period.

Color trends now

Today’s era is imbued with all the touches of modernism with an elegant texture of luxury. In other words, this could be called the modern era of color and interior design. No visible boundaries could be identified here.

And the extraordinary change in people’s perception was largely visible.

The trend of this era is difficult to define with any specific set of colors. You can choose purple, blue, gray, white, yellow, or green. Adopting a designed wall with different colors multiple shades and patterns has become very popular. Moreover, people have gone a few steps ahead by experimenting with their own designs with many design concepts of the modern age.

The meaning of colors in the interior service

Color is considered the heart of interior design. The logic here is simple. Even if you use the best design in the world in your interior, but choose the wrong color, your design will be in vain. And there is no confusion about it.

It will perfectly depict the beauty of your room. The design shines through and you will always feel comfortable. So choosing the right color for the right interior is very important.

What color should you choose now?

Nowadays, there are thousands of interior designs, from traditional to contemporary ones. You can choose any color according to your preference to match the design.

If you are looking for a recommendation, then we should go for the classic color. Matte red, purple, blue, white, and gray could be the best choice from a long list of colors.

But do not forget that the color is very dependent on the interior design, we can only recommend a few good options.

Final words

Color trends in home design have been an ever-evolving concept, constantly innovating with new touches and new colors. It will evolve as long as civilization goes.

Perhaps there is no limit that can be placed on it, and no ceiling that we can foresee in the distant future.

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